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Halloween Escape Game


As we transition from summer into fall, we move closer to one of our favorite days of the year…October 31.  Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, parties, costumes, and of course scares!  Escape Hunt Dallas is excited to offer a new spine-chilling escape room that is sure to satisfy every thrill seeker’s need for excitement during the haunted house season.

Disappearance in Dallas (4 – 10 player capacity, age 16+ only) transports you into a dark and frightening basement with killer circumstances.  A deranged psychopath, infamous for torture and dismemberment, broke out of a maximum-security prison.  Since then, several people have gone missing and the grieving families are receiving pieces of the madman’s victims.  You and members of your group awaken to find yourselves trapped in his cellar.  You have 60 minutes to escape the terrifying horrors that await!

This new heart pounding adventure, along with our other incredible escape rooms–Jailhouse Justice, Stolen Texas Lone Star and Circuit Overload, provides a great venue for your Halloween party, team building event, date night, birthday party or an incredibly fun night out with friends or family.  Escape Hunt Dallas offers a luxurious conference room and lobby that enables your group to have a five-star experience while having a lot of fun.

Disappearance in Dallas is the most unique escape room in the metroplex.  Make your reservation today to test your critical thinking skills and competitive spirit with a game truly unlike any other in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We can’t wait to see you at Escape Hunt Dallas to try your hand at survival!

Date Night at Escape Hunt Dallas

Tired of movie night? Bored of bowling? Grab your gang and join us for a unique and exciting experience. It will be a scary good time!


  • Eric Noy
    on September 29, 2017 Reply

    Hello, I wanted to know when Disappearance in Dallas will be opening?

    • Author
      on October 10, 2017 Reply

      Hi, Eric! Reservations for the game are now open, but the room will open for play on October 12th. Thank you! -Hailey

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